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'Sonic Boom' to debut on Cartoon Network in fall of 2014

Jordan Mallory

A new, computer animated television series staring Sonic the Hedgehog and pals will premiere on Cartoon Network sometime in the fall of next year, Variety reports. In Europe, the show will debut on French children's networks Canal J and Gulli.

The show, provisionally called Sonic Boom, is being produced by Sega of America and French animation company Genao Productions. The initial production run will produce 52 11-minute episodes (aimed at children aged six to 11) that will chronicle the adventures of Sonic and Tails as they battle Dr. Eggman, natch.

No footage of the show has been released, but the above teaser image does at least confirm Amy's presence in addition to Sonic and Tails – we're still trying to put a name to the center-right silhouette. (We're guessing it's Knuckles with a gym membership.) The degree to which chili dogs are involved has yet to be ascertained.

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