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Daily iPhone App: Top Movies is a clever app for finding movies

Mel Martin

Top Movies - A Zoomable Timeline of Movies is a free app that will appeal to movie fans. When you open it, you see posters for the top movies of the decade. Pinching zooms you in to see top films of a particular year, and zooming in all the way will show you films by actual release date. Tap a film poster and you'll either get a link to the Internet Movie Database, or you'll get to the iTunes Store where you can check out a preview or buy the movie.

The database goes all the way back to 1915, where you'll find Birth of A Nation, and yes, you can get that from iTunes.

While I liked the app, I have a couple of issues. What defines a top movie? Box office or popularity? Also, the app is inconsistent. Sometimes it goes to the App Store; sometimes to IMDb; but never both. It appears that if the film is in the App Store, there is no IMDb option, which is a shame. When MetaCritic scores are available, they are included, but there's no link to the reviews.

Top Movies is a clever idea. I enjoyed browsing through the decades, and it gave me more than a few ideas for films I'd like to see. When you go to the App Store or IMDb, you stay in the app, which is a plus. Keep those IMDb listings on each film and I'd be ecstatic.

Top Movies requires iOS 6.0 or later, and is a universal app, optimized for the iPhone 5 series of devices.

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