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City of Titans seeks to reunite displaced City of Heroes fans


Missing Worlds Media is ramping up development of City of Titans, a fan-made successor to Paragon Studios' shuttered superhero MMORPG City of Heroes. The studio launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to fund software licenses and server upkeep.

Announced earlier this year, City of Titans aims to recreate much of the City of Heroes experience using the Unreal Engine as a framework. While Missing Worlds Media has not secured the rights or permission to develop an official City of Heroes follow-up, City of Titans will offer similar features, along with in-depth character customization options.

Since its launch on Tuesday, the project has earned over $180,000 toward its funding goal of $320,000. City of Titans is scheduled to premiere in 2015 as a paid download with an optional monthly subscription, giving members access to exclusive in-game perks.

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