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Stealth Inc bringing its sneaky platforming to iOS


Stealth Inc – A Clone in the Dark (formerly known as Stealth Bastard) is bringing its charming blend of stealth and platforming action to iOS. In a feature over on Pocketgamer, developer Jonathan Biddle said the iOS port is already underway.

There is no timing for iOS port right now, though Biddle said it's proving difficult due to the different resolutions for all the iDevices out there. "The different screen resolutions and aspect ratios have meant creating three different versions of each of the game's 80 levels – iPad, widescreen iPhone and 4:3 iPhone," he said. "Testing the iOS version of the game now means playing it through three times every time the levels are changed."

Stealth Inc has already found success on Windows PC, Linux, Mac, PS3, PS Vita and Android.

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