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Community Blog Topic Results: Most and least favorite expansions


Last week, we asked "What are your most and least favorite expansions?" We got a lot of responses as well as a request for polls. The reason why we don't put polls in the Community Blog Topics is that we are trying to encourage long form blog posts that we can spotlight the next week. Polls are just a button click. That having been said, I've put polls at the end of this results post so that we can see what the otherwise silent readers have to say about their most and least favorite expansions.

Wrath of the Lich King was by far the most favorite and Cataclysm was by far the least. Both Burning Crusade and Mists of Pandaria took turns being most and least favorites.

Astalnar over at Cogitationes Astalnaris likes Wrath of the Lich King best and Cataclysm least.

A great expansion is one that is aesthetically pleasing, bright, with a story that makes us feel involved and in some sort of control. An expansion where gear is obtained with ease, yet you have to invest a bit of effort. Where reputation is gained with the faction by actually representing the faction. And where the villain is a known and established figure. I enjoy a good story of a fallen hero. I like the tragedy. Tragedy is cure for soul. As long as my Blood Knight is not a protagonist.

BraveT from Bravetank likes Wrath best and The Burning Crusade least, but pens a lovely homage to Vanilla.

The thing is – I like a bit of greenery. I'm Welsh after all – we like our hills, valleys and bays. Vanilla WoW was home from home. Sort of. Elwynn Forest – we have one just like it 20 minutes down the road (less Defias – though there is the odd wino).Menethil Harbour – Cardiff Bay with crocolisks. The monsters of Duskwood - Swansea on a Friday night (I've had way too many drunken Stitches lumbering towards me). I have to admit I didn't like Stranglethorn- too tropical for me – you can have too much sun (and gorillas). But it wasn't long before I was off to Arathi - cue Sould of Music opening scene – my toon singing her little heart out at the top of the hill, the raptors joining in with impressive harmonies.
Omegahty at Ruhka's Demonic Palace likes Wrath best and Cataclysm least.
Wrath was my introduction to the rest of what WoW had to offer me. I was still young so I didn't grasp some concepts about the game and I was probably the worst player ever, but I enjoyed myself and even to this day Icecrown Citadel is still my favourite instance because of those first time experiences I had in there.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard likes Wrath best and Mists of Pandaria least.
On the flipside, Mists of Pandaria, while introducing one of my favorite features–Pet Battles, is my least favorite expansion. Even though there have been so many quality features added, from account bound pets and mounts to Flex raids and the farm. I still have the bad taste in my mouth from not being able to fly until 90 on every toon, being forced to hit exalted with many of the same factions for recipes, and much of crafted gear to being next to worthless. Crafting in Mists is so bad, it really deserves it's own vitriolic post.
MentalMaggie at Polka Dots and Popcorn likes Wrath the best and doesn't seem to have a least favorite.
Grizzly Hills is hands down my favorite zone in this game. The landscape was so different from the other zones and the music is absolutely perfect. It was the first zone I intentionally sought out to do all the quests for the achievement even though I was 2 levels past that zone by the time I did so.
Xsinthis1 at The Golden Crusade couldn't choose a favorite expansion, but likes The Burning Crusade the least.
Given that, I never got to experience The Burning Crusade while it was "content," which was probably a good thing considering the 58-68 range is the part I dread most about levelling. Well, maybe right after the 50-58 range. It's hard to decide. I can't say I've hated any of the expansions I've actually played, so I'm going to give the Most Hated Expansion title to The Burning Crusade, because the parts of it I have experienced, I've hated.
RossFale at Feckless Leader couldn't choose a least favorite expansion, but likes BC the best.
While in principle, the "everyone, all-access, all-the-time" approach sounds good, in practice I find it quite ugly. BC wasn't simply hitting max level, equipping a set of PvP gear, the pressing a button to queue for a heroic. You had to work a little to get to the content. Prove yourself, even. And there was some sense of accomplishment in that, I'd argue. Also, when you grouped with others for a heroic Hellfire Ramparts it was safe to assume they, like you, had been around the block.
Nocjin, among many others, finds BC to be overhyped (and likes Wrath best).
Worst is TBC - MASSIVELY overhyped by people drowning in nostalgia. BG's were completely brushed aside and arenas dominated everything, the vast majority of PvE development was aimed at a minute portion of the playerbase (hardcore raiders that got to Sunwell) and they didn't even *try* to balance half the specs. If your class had one viable spec you were lucky. And have fun playing on a dead realm with no cross-realm functionality outside PvP.
Over at Dead Gnomes Society, alykii looked at the issue analytically and ended up with Wrath as the favorite and MoP as the least favorite. Here are just some of the reasons alykii hates Mists
  • What the bloody hell did Blizzard do to PVP?!
  • The rep grinds. Oh the rep grinds. Someone stab me repeatedly in the eye with a spoon please.
  • The dailies. Oh the dailies. Someone stab me repeatedly in the eye with a spoon please.
  • The leveling experience. From 85-90 was an exercise in torture. And then I did it 8 more times so far.
  • The Tornadoes. I hate tornadoes. HATE.
  • The bugs. I hate bugs. HATE. Dread Wastes needs to be set on fire.
  • BUGS AND TORNADOES. Heart of Fear needs to be set on fire.
Damon loves Mists.
Mists of Pandaria, without a doubt... I love everything about this expansion as it came out -- beautiful scenery, great dungeons, great quest lines, LOVED the farm, etc. I also very much enjoyed certain parts of the patches (especially the 5.1 quest line). I do wish, though, that there had been more ways to level my alts, i.e. I'm sick of running Dread Wastes from 89-90. :)
etherraichu was one of the few who disliked Wrath
My least favorite was Wrath. There were so many issues involving warlocks and the new vehicle stuff they introduced; often times you had to press the buttons dozens of times for it to work once! It tainted my opinion of what was otherwise a fun expansion. They did eventually get that bug worked out, but... First impressions and all that.
It was hard to choose from the rampant Cataclysm hate throughout the comments, but here's SixThousand's take.
Oversimplification of the talent system. Story became overly scripted too (event scripting, not writing) and happened around you making you feel like a Mary Sue rather than a competent hero. Hyjal was a cluster-F of plot points and environments and served pretty much to recon and raise a bunch of dead or unkown characters for the sake of dramatics, cannibalizing some of the best lore moments. Vash just went on forever. The first few raids were interesting, but then Dragon Soul dropped and reminded us that we were troubled to care about Deathwing; a character once very interesting who just became a hydrocephalic beacon of evil with all the presence of Jack Sparrow being forcibly re-tooled into the pirates of the carribean ride. And then they gave him tentacles because old god. and then thrall fell in love. after they blew him up. and hour of twilight or something. and Deathwings head kept getting bigger and bigger...
On to the polls! I've included Vanilla just to be complete, though technically it is not an expansion.
If you have any suggestions for future Community Blog Topics, please state them in the comments.

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