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Ikaruga dances between light and dark on Steam Greenlight


Ikaruga, the iconic two-tone shmup from Japanese development studio Treasure, is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight right now. This proposed PC port is based on the latest version of the game, the Xbox Live Arcade remaster, with Xbox 360 controller support, local two-player co-op and compatibility with vertical screen set-ups.

The gameplay of Ikaruga is that of a frenetic shoot-em-up experience married to a dual-color mechanic. Players, switching between two different polarities, must use light or dark weapons to destroy ships employing the opposite polarity, and may absorb similarly-colored bullets to power their special homing laser weapon.

Treasure first launched Ikaruga in Japanese arcades in late 2001 before porting it to the Dreamcast there in late 2002. A GameCube port made its way outside of Japan to North America and Europe in 2003, preceding the Xbox Live Arcade version that launched years later in 2008. The most recent installment launched on Android in January of this year.

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