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Metareview: Pokemon X / Y


Pokemon is back with a new coat of fur, scales and whatever MewTwo has for skin. Our review of Pokémon X/Y called it "hands-down the best in the series." Let's see what the other Poke trainers thought:
  • IGN (90/100): "Building on five generations of games, a digital menagerie of captivating creatures, and a wide range of diverse regions to explore, Pokemon X and Y proves this formulaic portable role-playing series can still deliver an innovative experience."
  • Eurogamer (90/100): "For the young, the game is a soothing promise that, if you work hard, concentrate and look after others, victory and success will be yours. For the young at heart it's a warm reminder of the childlike thrills of discovery, compilation and care."
  • Game Informer (88/100): "[Pokémon X & Y] goes down the checklist of important Pokémon features, neatly ticking them off one by one. It still feels like a Pokémon game, but the ease of player control, the updated art direction, 3D graphics, and the scaling of the world make everything more inviting, attractive, and fun."
  • Edge (80/100): "While the structure of X/Y may be identical to previous Pokémon games, everything moves a little quicker: those roller skates make backtracking less of a chore, while Experience Share items distribute XP points across your whole party, all but eradicating the need to grind. You can strengthen your bond with Pokémon through a Tamagotchi-esque minigame or by participating in short, skill-based activities to earn a virtual punch bag that can increase their base statistics."

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