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The Daily Grind: Are there non-achievements you're proud of?

Eliot Lefebvre

Achievements, by definition, require you to actually do something. Which is why it's oddly satisfying in some games to acquire a list of non-achievements, things that you specifically haven't done despite the fact that it seems like you should have done them. Like never raiding in World of Warcraft, or never engaging in PvP in Aion. Or sometimes they're even sillier, like being proud of never using auto-fire weapons in Star Trek Online.

None of these things are really accomplishments. But depending on your playstyle and what content you like to do, some of them can certainly feel like it. If you hate big-group endgame content, refusing to ever set foot in an operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic feels like a victory even if it sort of isn't. So are there any non-achievements that you're proud of? Are there things you are proud of not having done but having specifically avoided?

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