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Tim Kobe: Apple Store chain not evolving


Tim Kobe is the co-founder of the design firm 8 Inc., and was one of the early designers involved in the Apple Store. Interviewed by the Dezeen website after the Inside interior design conference in Singapore, Kobe said that Apple's retail experience is "not evolving as fast as it could be."

Kobe thinks that "the design is getting a little long in the tooth," and that "retail is a competitive environment, and I think Apple's ready for that next shift." While Apple's retail results seem to prove that the design is working just fine, thank you, Kobe feels that "Since Steve passed away the momentum has slowed down a bit. It's imperative Apple shifts again. They should really refresh every five years."

So, TUAW readers, do you think that Apple needs to update the general design of the Apple Store chain? Or do you not really think about the layout and design of an Apple Store when you're visiting? Let us know in the comments.

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