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Breakfast Topic: How much does character progression factor into your playstyle?


One man's dress-up habit is another man's character progression. We all know somebody who's fallen down the transmog hole, and we probably all know someone else who's fallen down the transmog hole so far that they don't appear to be coming up any time soon. It's clear that when it comes to character progression, tweaking their look is the playstyle for these fashion-minded players.

Nevertheless, gear level (not gear hotness -- sorry, moggers) is generally considered the standard for gauging a character's progression in World of Warcraft. We strive for progressively more badass gear -- well, except when we just don't. Unless you're deeply insulated within a hyper-focused progression raiding guild, your friends list is probably peppered with players who have goals other than loftier gear levels at the top of their WoW to-do lists. Maybe they're dyed-in-the-wool pet battlers. Maybe they play regular, non-rated battlegrounds for nothing but the sheer glory of battle. Most players creep or skate along the progression scale at whatever pace suits them, subject to side trips down whatever in-game avenue feeds their particular interests.

How much does standard "get more gear, build more power" character progression factor into your playstyle? Is character progression the main event in your game, one of many dishes at the buffet, or just a bonus to whatever Azerothian feature has captured your heart?

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