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WRUP: Wombats are the last acceptable topic edition

Eliot Lefebvre

With the news of the past week or two, I had a lot of potential topics for WRUP this week. However, I was quickly handed a list of stipulations that I had to adhere to. No political jokes, but I expected that. No jokes about Warhammer Online, which is fair. No jokes about "that stupid giant robot film." No jokes about my wife's new haircut. Absolutely no jokes about traffic court.

Point is, the list went on, and I was down to wombats. I don't know anything about wombats. Perhaps a zoologist or an Australian can enlighten me in the comments real quick-like.

Oh, I do also have the usual WRUP entries past the break so that everyone can see what the Massively staffers are up to over the weekend. That's not really wombat-based. Tune in next week when I can joke about... wait, no, I can't preview that joke as it involves key lime pie. Oh well.

Anatoli Ingram, Guild Wars 2 Columnist
@ceruleangrey: I'll be trying out the new Twilight Arbor path in Guild Wars 2, and probably doing a little bit of money-making. I'll also be leveling my combat classes in Final Fantasy XIV, by which I mean I'll get bored with Gladiator almost immediately, strip off my armor, and run whooping toward the nearest mining node. I'm just way too fond of the crafting and gathering classes.

David Desi, Multimedia Contributor
@PsykopigAU: I'll be playing a little bit of everything this weekend; it's EB Expo time again, and that means I have a whole bunch to see! I'm going to be seeing a presentation of The Elder Scrolls Online, so I am psyched for that!

Eliot Lefebvre, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
@Eliot_Lefebvre: Lots of stuff to do in Final Fantasy XIV. Have to keep going on my Relic quest for Paladin, have to push up on my Arcanist, have to keep working on Carpenter. And that's not even counting all of the various roleplaying projects... basically, I'm never going to be done. It's that simple.

Jef Reahard, Managing Editor and Columnist Extraordinaire@jefreahard: I'm slogging through a bit of story stuff in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Online, but the bulk of my MMO playtime is reserved for FFXIV these days. It's a good thing too, since NA ArcheAge is bordering on vaporware and both Star Citizen and EverQuest Next are two years out. Help me Yoshi-P, you're my only hope!

Justin Olivetti, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
@Sypster: I... don't know what I'll be playing, to be honest. I have company coming in, so my play time might be limited. But if I do, I might do a little exploration of Sector 1 in Fallen Earth or checking out that new Guild Wars 2 dungeon run.

Matt Daniel, Contributing Editor
@mvmatt: It looks like Mike and I are Guardian buddies this weekend. I, too, will be attempting to hit the big 3-0 in Guild Wars 2 during whatever time my textbooks release their stranglehold on my soul.

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor
@MikedotFoster: I fully intend to push my Guild Wars 2 Guardian a bit closer to 30, with a few Dota 2 breaks thrown in for good measure. If possible I'll heal some World of Warcraft dungeons, but that's only to ensure I'm not wasting my $15 per month.

Richie Procopio, Multimedia Contributor
@RichieProcopio: This weekend I'll be playing some Guild Wars 2. It's kind of hard to get away from it to be honest. Every week I'm either checking out the brand new content or finishing up last week's content in preparation for the new stuff. It's a never-ending cycle of gaming fun!

Terilynn Shull, Star Trek Online Columnist
@terilynns: I will be right back into Star Trek Online as I continue to get three of my characters through the Crystalline Entity event for the first time. I've also begun to develop an affinity for a few of the PvE queue missions like Colony Invasion and Azure Nebula (the instances of AKF cheaters seems to have dwindled.) I will also be hoarding fleet marks and stocking up on as much dilithium as possible because our fleet is finally at tying up Tier Four of our starbase!

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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