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MMO Week in Review: Dread Masters of the Force


At the end of every week, we round up the best and most popular news stories, exclusive features, and insightful columns published on Massively and then present them all in one convenient place. If you missed a big MMO or WoW Insider story last week, you've come to the right post.

There's a dread moon rising in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but for once, that's actually a good thing. You see, Patch 2.4 dropped this past week (after accidentally downloading a day early), bringing with it a new moon to explore, the continuation of the Dread Masters storyline, and a pair of level 55 operations for experienced players to tackle.

Of course, that update wasn't the only event happening this past week; hit the jump to catch up on the latest and greatest from the MMO scene.


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