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Breakfast Topic: Because I do

Matthew Rossi

I was having a discussion the other day with someone who really really hates transmogrification. It just irritates the heck out of him, to the point where he argues that it has ruined gear visual design and made everyone look like patchwork abominations. Obviously, I'm probably the least receptive audience for this argument he could have chosen. Still, at the end of his rant, he asked me a question which I think is worth answering here - "Why do you even like this joke of a feature?"

My response was the title of this Breakfast Topic, ultimately. I like transmogrification because to me, it's fun. It's fun going out and getting just that perfect model for the look I'm trying to create, whether that's to match up a set, or to deliberately clash with a set. I like putting together theme outfits I'll probably only use once (like the above set in muted blue/white/grey above) to match colors or just because it strikes my fancy. But most of all, I like transmogrification for the exact reason my friend hates it - it adds nothing to character power. It doesn't add numbers or make you a better player, it just allows you to choose your own look. I don't think it's constrained the design team in any way - it just means their work will be on display longer.

And that I need a lot more bag space, of course. That doesn't really need to be said.

So now I ask you - what do you completely love despite other people's disdain for it, or hate even though everyone else seems to love it?

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