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Evernote introduces two-step verification for all


Evernote has offered two-step verification for Premium and Business users since May of 2013, leaving us cheap, every-day users with standard verification. The company promised to bring two-step verification to all of its users, and now that's what it's done. Free users will need to download Google Authenticator to generate a login code. Once you've enable the service simply impute the code and your login information.

Back in May, Evernote spokesperson Ronda Scott explained the process the company was going through to provide verification.

"Implementing two-step verification was not trivial. It required updates to all of our applications including Evernote, Skitch, Penultimate, Evernote Food and others and significant back-end work. We've always intended to add two-step as an option to those who wanted it. Back in March we said this was coming and we're rolling it out starting today."

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