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Heva Clonia Online moves into open beta on October 17th

Eliot Lefebvre

The first Heva Clonia Online beta test went well. Quite well, in fact. So well that the team has decided that it's time to move straight into open beta. It's a bit like having a good date and then volunteering to move into the other person's home at the end of the evening. On October 17th, the game opens up to everyone who signs up for another round of testing, with no date announced for the close of testing.

If you've been holding off for the usual fear of having none of your progress matter, you can take heart that no further progress will be wiped between now and the conclusion of testing. Whether or not this will be the final test phase or an interim step is not announced. But test away, knowing that the only difference between now and launch will be the addition of the cash shop. And presumably some bugfixes along the way.

[Source: OGPlanet press release]

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