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Telltale's The Wolf Among Us commences October 11


The first episode of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us will launch this Friday, October 11 on Xbox 360 and PC. Telltale says it is still confirming the game's PS3 release date, which is "expected to be just a few days after the initial Xbox 360 and PC releases go live."

The game has players guiding Sheriff Bigby through a section of New York City called Fabletown. The five-episode season is based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series, which features numerous characters from fairy tales and their struggles.

The Wolf Among Us' episodes cost $4.99 each. Players can purchase a season pass on Xbox Live granting access to all episodes for $14.99 – but that's in addition to the $4.99 cost of the first episode. The season can also be pre-purchased on Steam for 10 percent off ($22.49) until the first episode hits on Friday.

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The season premiere episode of The Wolf Among Us, titled 'Faith,' will arrive for download worldwide this Friday October 11th on Xbox Games Store for just $4.99 US. A Season Pass option is available for the first time on Xbox Games Store for Telltale's new series enabling consumers to purchase the rest of the five episode series (Episodes 2-5) at a discount for $14.99 versus the $4.99/episode price. Episodes 2-5 will also be available for individual purchase as they release on Xbox 360.

The series will also launch worldwide on PC this Friday October 11th, available via the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other online digital distribution outlets as a Season Pass that includes entitlement to all five episodes as they release. The Wolf Among Us can be pre-ordered now for a 10% discount up until the time the game launches this Friday.

Telltale will confirm the release dates on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 for North America and Europe as soon as they are confirmed by the platform holders but it is expected to be just a few days after the initial XBOX 360 and PC releases go live. The PlayStation 3 version of the game series will be available for consumers to purchase as individual episodes for $4.99 USD or as a Season Pass for $19.99 which will include episodes 1-5 as they are released.

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