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White House refuses to veto import ban on Samsung products


In early August, Apple was on the receiving end of some good news as the Obama administration vetoed an ITC import ban on older models of the iPhone and iPad.

While Apple was lucky enough to avoid an import ban on its products, the same can't be said for Samsung.

In a statement issued today, the White House explained that they will not overturn an import ban affecting Samsung products, which were found to be infringing upon patented Apple technologies. Samsung was hoping to have the import ban vetoed on public policy grounds.

"After carefully weighing policy considerations, including the impact on consumers and competition, advice from agencies and information from interested parties, I have decided to allow [the import ban]", said US Trade Representative Michael Froman in a statement issued today.

The import ban only affects a select number of Samsung devices. The White House statement notes that products that incorporate workarounds that do not infringe upon Apple patents will not be affected by the import ban.

Bloomberg reports:

The import ban is on a limited number of products. The ITC said newer models by Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung had worked around two Apple patents, which covered a multitouch feature and one for a sensor for headphone jacks.

Froman added, "Thus, I do not believe that concerns with regard to enforcement related to the scope of the order, in this case, provide a policy basis for disapproving it."

It's worth pointing out that the patented technologies Samsung asserted against Apple with respect to its import ban related to standard-essential patents.

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