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BBC Playlister web app launches today as an open beta


Well, that was quick. Having announced its new Playlister service yesterday, the BBC's now said it's launching later today. The beta web client won't just work nicely on PCs, it'll also be optimized for mobile browsers, and instead of a dedicated app for the service, Playlister will be integrated into the iPlayer Radio app "over the coming months." Using the web platform, you'll able to add music to personal playlists from any of the BBC's radio stations, as well as tracks that've featured on TV shows aired on any of the Beeb's channels. As we heard yesterday, those playlists can then be exported to YouTube, Spotify or Deezer for listening. Having seen a brief demo, adding, managing and exporting is all pretty simple. You may not find all the tracks you've added on every service you export to, but it's clear about how many are missing -- you'll shortly be able to play around with it yourself, of course. Soon, you'll also be able to follow your favorite BBC radio DJ's and see what they're adding to their own Playlister mixtapes. This is just the start, apparently, as the BBC says many other features are to be added in the future.

Update: Live!

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