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GOG's 'Shutdown Promo' grants free games to furloughed government employees

Jordan Mallory

In what may be the most tongue-in-cheek sale in the company's history, GOG's "Shutdown Promo" lampoons the state of our nation's cryogenically frozen legislative branches with free games for government employees that have been affected by the shutdown, and 50-percent discounts for the rest of us.

Government employees that email a picture of themselves holding their furlough notification letter to thanksobama at GOG dot com (seriously) will receive free copies of the following: Capitalism Plus, Capitalism 2, Tropico Reloaded, The Guild Gold Edition, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Theme Hospital and Redneck Rampage Collection. For everyone else, all of these games are available for under $5.

The public sale lasts until 8:59 a.m. Eastern tomorrow, but government employees have until noon Eastern on Friday, October 11 to send in their pictures. Oh also, on a totally unrelated note how serious of a crime is it to impersonate a government employee? Asking for a friend.

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