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It came from the Blog: Brewfest 2013 snapshots


Last month It came from the Blog celebrated Brewfest like we do every year: with lots of virtual beer and real fun. We began by meeting in Orgrimmar and then made our way over to the Brewfest grounds. We picked up quests and proceeded to Chug and Chuck. We then learned how to ride rams, which we were assured were not at all stolen, and proceeded to do some beer running. We then sold some brew by advertising it throughout Orgrimmar.

Then the Dark Iron dwarves attacked. We fought them back by using our new found skills of chugging and chucking -- this year with non-alcoholic brew. So this was the first year we chucked without upchucking. I guess this was a good thing, though part of the fun was always having the screen get too blurry to see.

We then regrouped and traveled to Thunder Bluff where pink elekks were zapped. Unfortunately this and the barker quest were buggy for some of us this year, including me, so I was unable to zap the elekks along with everyone else. I just provided the taxi via teleporting.

We moved on to Silvermoon and zapped more elekks, then we took the portal to the ruins of Lordaeron and finished our elekk-zapping there. Then we returned to Orgrimmar via the zeppelin. Once we turned in the quests, it was time to fight the Dark Iron dwarves again and so we did. And there was much rejoicing.

This month It came from the Blog will be hosting a Hallow's End event as we do every October. Stay tuned to WoW Insider for the announcement coming soon. In the meantime, here's the slideshow of the Brewfest 2013 snapshots.

Gallery: It came from the Blog: Brewfest 2013 | 36 Photos

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