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New Harvest Moon en 'root' to 3DS


A new Harvest Moon game is well into production, with Japan expecting to reap the 3DS game in February 2014. Unveiled in this week's Famitsu magazine (via Gematsu and Polygon), the game's subtitle of Tsunagari Shintench translates to something like 'Linking the New World' or 'Connecting New Lands.' We're sure this newest version of the long-running farming sim will have a clearer western name when it makes the journey abroad, although it's only confirmed for Japan so far.

The subtitle refers to a new trading station that allows you to purchase from and sell goods to foreign nations. Trading starts small, limited to one country, but as you continue to play the market your global contact list will start to fill up. Tsunagari Shintench also features a safari zone where you can interact with wild animals; according to Famitsu's interview, the game doubles the amount the number of different animals compared to before. Finally, as per previous 3DS entry A New Beginning, the new Harvest Moon supports StreetPass and Wi-Fi letting you trade with and visit other players' farms.

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