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The iKettle brings tea time to your iPhone


Tech-savvy tea lovers (is there such a thing?) will be happy to know that an iPhone-connected tea kettle is coming soon to kitchen counters. Called the iKettle, of course, the WiFi kettle allows users to turn the kettle on remotely from their iPhones. It's even got an alarm function so when you wake up in the morning, the iKettle companion app will ask you if you'd like to run the kettle, which can be done from the comfort of your bed. So when you walk into that cold kitchen, your hot cup of tea is ready and waiting.

The iKettle also allows you to set the temperature of the water -- ranging from 65 to 100 degrees -- so each tea serving can be heated to its ideal temperature.

The iKettle is available for pre-order now from Firebox, with a one to two-month ship time. It costs US$99.99 and includes free shipping.

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