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Apple to open first retail store in Turkey in January 2014


As it stands today, there are 416 Apple retail stores around the world spread out across 13 countries. Soon, that number will be 14 with word that Turkey will be graced with its first Apple retail store in just a few months.

Set to open up at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul in January of 2014, the retail space will be 2,000 square meters which equates to about 21,000 square feet. The retail space will be located in the "most visible" portion of the shopping space and will be lodged between two other high-end retailers: Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

News of the impending Apple store in Instanbul first appeared in The Wall Street Journal early on Thursday and was spotted by MacRumors.

As for the store design, the WSJ relays that the store will feature a glass ceiling and will be "one of the most ambitious in the world." The report also claims that Apple has plans to open three more retail stores across the country.

It's no secret that Apple has billions of dollars in the bank, and Tim Cook explained back in February that one of the ways Apple plans to spend it is to revamp its current retail stores and to open up new stores across the globe.

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