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Chrome browser usage on iOS devices doubles in a year


A majority of iOS users use Apple's built-in Safari web browser to surf on their iPhones and iPads. However, Safari isn't the only web browser out there. Perhaps the most well-known alternative is Google's Chrome browser, which, while still holding a minuscule market share on iOS devices, has doubled its usage in a little over a year. As Chitika reports, Chrome recently surpassed 3 percent adoption on iOS devices:

The resulting increase in Chrome usage on iOS devices will likely be seen as a victory by Google. About one month following Chrome's debut on iOS in mid-2012, 1.5 percengt of iOS web traffic was generated by users of the browser, and Chrome was one of the most downloaded free apps within the Apple App store. In the more than 14 months since that time, Chrome's share largely stagnated in the 2 percent range. The final week of September marked the first week usage rates on iOS crossed the 3 percent barrier.

While it's good news for Google, in reality it doesn't mean much in the mobile browser wars because, well, many people frankly don't care about which browsers they use on their phones. After all, most smartphone users search the web through apps or the browsers embedded in apps (such as when you tap on a link in the Twitter app).

Chrome is a free download.

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