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Aethertech design contest winner chosen for Aion


With the Aethertech class on its way for Aion 4.5, NCsoft has revealed the winner of the "Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech" contest in which players could design one of the mechanized suits for future inclusion in the game. The top pick was the 5H-0G0 by EMPIREinWAR, which is based on the Shugo race.

The devs were quite taken with the design choice. "We can sum this up in one word: 'witty.' From the naming all the way to the Shugo character itself, this piece was really fun to look at, which is why this is the winner," said Head of the Aion Global Development Art Team Jinhwan Kim.

The 5H-0G0, like all of the Aethertechs, will use its magical mechanical mount to crush, shoot, flail, and probably cuddle its way through Atreia.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

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