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Class of Heroes 2 ships to UMD buyers, Gaijinworks hints at future PSP releases


After months of delays stemming from licensing issues and last-minute bug fixes, the PSP UMD version of MonkeyPaw's Class of Heroes 2 began shipping out this week to buyers who pre-purchased the game earlier this year.

Previously the subject of a failed Kickstarter campaign, Class of Heroes 2 was later released as a physical and digital combo pack via online pre-order. The Acquire-developed first-person dungeon crawler, which features a localization by Working Designs veteran Victor Ireland and his studio Gaijinworks, premiered as a downloadable PlayStation Network game in June.

The UMD version of Class of Heroes 2 was delayed while Gaijinworks sorted out licensing issues relating to its opening theme song, which the studio has since replaced with an English-language track. An updated version of Class of Heroes 2, which fixes a widely reported alchemy recipe bug, among other gameplay tweaks, will hit the PlayStation Network on October 15.

Gaijinworks' Ireland recently hinted at plans to "squeeze out at least 3-4 more PSP RPG titles (and offer them as physical+digital sets) before we're done with the platform," though specific titles have not been announced. The studio will gauge interest in a Class of Heroes 3 release starting in January.

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