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Killer Instinct FightStick for Xbox One is up for preorder

Jordan Mallory

A Killer Instinct-branded version of Mad Catz's forthcoming, Xbox One-flavored Tournament Edition 2 FightStick is up for pre-order on the peripheral manufacturer's official shop. At $200, the extent of the stick's Killer Instinct-ness appears to be its artwork, which can easily be removed and replaced thanks to the TE2's removable bezel.

Otherwise, the stick features all of the bells and whistles touted by the prototype we first saw at E3: Sanwa-Denshi parts, multi-setting LED lighting effects, removable cable, easy access to the sticks innards and an onboard screwdriver with swappable heads. The Killer Instinct Tournament Edition 2 FightStick launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22.

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