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The Elder Scrolls Online community creates emotes for the game


The Elder Scrolls Online has just wrapped up its Emote Creation Contest, naming Trevor Baggett as the winner. Trevor's concept was a twin set of emotions for PvP, one to desecrate an annoying foe's corpse and one to honor a well-fought match. He'll be working with ZeniMax's animators to implement the emotes into the game.

Over a hundred fans submitted their own emote ideas, and along with Trevor, a few others will receive prize packages for their efforts. If you've got a chunk of time and like to see people going into great depth about emotes, check out the YouTube playlist for the contest after the break.

[Thanks to Jon for the tip!]

(Note: Some of the videos in ZeniMax's playlist have been flagged private, so you'll have to jump ahead to public ones.)

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