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Apple's mailer makes it tempting for Cupertino residents to say 'yes' to its new campus


The City Council of Cupertino is holding a vote this Tuesday, October 15, on whether or not to approve approve the building of Apple's Campus 2 "spaceship" headquarters. Before the vote, residents will be allowed to voice their opinions and, not wishing to leave anything to chance, Apple has sent its Cupertino neighbors the mailer below asking them to voice their support for the project to the council.

Apple doesn't make any grand economic promises about the campus, instead letting its stunning mockup imagery speak for itself and adds that Steve Jobs was the one to unveil Apple Campus 2 to the Cupertino City Council in June 2011. It's highly unlikely that the campus won't be approved, especially after the mailer shows residents what they'll be missing out on if it's not. Assuming it is approved on October 15, a second ratification vote in November will be required before building can begin.

Apple Campus Mailer

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