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Deadly Premonition gets pricey iPad companion app


A cult favorite among horror gamers, Deadly Premonition's B-movie vibe has given it life beyond what games of its quality normally obtain. Now, along with the upcoming release of Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut on Steam, fans of the cheesy adventure can pick up an absolutely massive 352-page virtual book via the iPad for a rather steep US$9.99.

For that asking price, you'll get a spoiler-filled book covering many of the game's secrets, a development notebook, a trio of maps that reveal the location of "everything in the game" and the full game soundtrack. Not a bad haul, really, for a game that has been thriving on a wave of "so bad it's good" review scores. But, the price might be a bit high. If you're interested, you can pick up the app right now.

[via Joystiq]

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