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PS3 party game Sportsfriends headed to PlayStation 4


Die Gute Fabrik's Kickstarter-funded compilation of local multiplayer games, Sportsfriends, is on its way to the PlayStation 4, following its upcoming launch for the PS3.

Backers who pledged toward the PlayStation 3 version of Sportsfriends will receive the PS4 edition for free. The package includes the PlayStation Move-powered rhythm game J.S. Joust, Noah Sasso's basketball-like BaraBariBall, Bennett Foddy's pole-vaulting polo game Super Pole Riders, and Ramiro Corbetta's minimalist sports game Hokra.

Developer Doug Wilson additionally revealed that J.S. Joust will receive DualShock 4 support in the PlayStation 4 version of Sportsfriends, thanks to its enhanced hardware capabilities and built-in light bar. Currently, J.S. Joust is only available as a downloadable game for PC platforms, and requires the use of multiple PlayStation Move controllers in a musical chairs-like setting.
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