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Trailer introduces dungeon-crawling Project: Velyria

MJ Guthrie

If you've been longing for some old-style dungeon crawls and turn-based battles, Project: Velyria just might be for you. This upcoming free-to-play sci-fi game, under development by Canadian-based Madsoft Games, will be playable on your browser and will feature four base classes with 36 different class advancements: Sword-swinging Soldiers are the highest DPS; Recruits are the typical agile rogue; Scientists use nanobots to heal allies or damage foes; and armored Workers are the tanks. Players further customize their character through stat allocation and by choosing from hundreds of different weapons and equipment.

The premise behind Project: Velyria is that civilization must find a new home, and the player is a colonist abandoned on Velyria, forced to fight aliens throughout the planet's vast subterranean network. Want a peek at the concept behind the game? Check out the introduction trailer after the break.
[Source: Madsoft Games press release]

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