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Breakfast Topic: What characters do you want to come back to WoW?

In our journeys throughout Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria, we've met a lot of interesting NPCs (or non-player characters), from faction leaders to questgivers to just local color. Some of them we see plenty of -- like the faction leaders who are core characters in WoW's story -- but others -- like the questgivers that we level past quickly -- vanish from our virtual lives without a trace.

So today's topic of discussion: which characters, major or minor, would you like to see jump back into the game? For my part, I'd love to see what Zen'Kiki is doing these days or find out if Griftah has tried hawking his wares outside of Outland. But what about you? Which characters do you want to see come back to the game?

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