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Chrome OS 30 stable build adds select, drag-and-drop features for touchscreens


Adventurous folks running Chrome OS beta have been enjoying the platform's new touchscreen functions since September, assuming they have a Pixel. Now, touchscreen text selection and drag and drop support is arriving to the operating system's stable build aboard the latest software update. While these features are useless if you're using anything other than Pixel, their arrival in a stable build sets the table for more touchscreen devices. The platform's latest version also comes with a number of other changes including the ability to choose audio sources from the tray menu and the addition of on-by-default Quickoffice editor for Word and Excel. Users can now also check their connection using a diagnostics tool and share folders and files direct from the File app. If you're using any Chrome OS device, you can expect to get the update within the next few days.

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