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The Last of Us gets patched, picks up new DLC


Naughty Dog has released two new additions to The Last of Us: The Abandoned Territories Map Pack and the 1.05 patch.

The video above was released as a trailer for the Map Pack, which can now be found on the PlayStation Network Store for $10 (or free, if you already picked up the game's $20 Season Pass). The Pack adds a new DLC playlist to each of the The Last of Us' multiplayer game modes, including those introduced by prior DLC releases.

You can find a video overview of the 1.05 patch below, alongside a list of its major changes. This patch deals with minor balance changes on the game's multiplayer side, though newer players will be happy to see that the end result of these fixes should be a more friendly, inviting gameplay experience. If nothing else, fixing that bug that gave winning players awesome weapons while giving losers literal bits of scrap should alleviate a lot of player frustration.

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If you want to see all changes with Patch 1.05; here's our list. Patch 1.05 will be rolling out globally over the next 24 hours.


Abandoned Territories Map Pack DLC

DLC playlist added for each game type. This includes both the retail maps and the DLC maps, but the DLC maps should appear much more frequently in the vote.

Fixed an issue where players on the winning team would occasionally get fully crafted items or machetes from caches, while players on the losing team would get incorrect items.
Players should no longer get comeback weapons (pre-crafted molotovs / bombs / purchase weapons) when they are winning by more than a small margin.
Fixed the consistency of comeback weapons spawning - there should be less comeback weapons in close matches and more consistent spawning in severely unbalanced matches. Once a player receives comeback weapons, however, they will not receive them again until a certain amount of progress has occurred in the match.
2x4 Spawning logic has been adjusted in Supply Raid and Interrogation:
Fixed a bug where it would occasionally be impossible for a player to receive a 2x4 in a game.
Reworked the initial 2x4 spawning logic to make the first 2x4 spawn a bit later to balance the escalation of the match.
Lowered the overall number of potential 2x4s that could spawn in a match by including weighting based on match progress.
The additional hit on modded melee weapons has been moved from Brawler Level 1 to Level 2, and the health gain from melee hits moved from Level 2 to 1.
Added a Parts bonus for late joiners, based on when you join a match in progress. This bridges the gap between players who started from the beginning of the game and might have a Parts advantage over the late joiner.
When late-joining beyond the first 2 minutes that match will no longer count towards any clan progress or missions.
Fixed an issue on Checkpoint and Lakeside that had locations where some items could not be picked up.
Made a fix to prevent players from being able to climb the tilted flag pole on the High School map.
Fixed an issue with level graphics dropping out on The Dam.
Interrogation Mode Fixes

Games no longer end in ties unless both teams are on the same section of the unlocking process. If one team has more interrogations than the other, that team will win the match.
The additional parts bonus for winning by a large margin is only awarded when the lockbox is fully unlocked. Otherwise only the standard win bonus is awarded.
Killcard now correctly describes whether your character was executed or interrogated.
Fire on the ground (from a Molotov) now damages the player when they attempt to unlock the lockbox and will properly interrupt the unlock process.
Sounds have been added to the Interrogation animation
Fixed a bug where the end-of-match music was not playing in Interrogation mode.
Technical Fixes

Intro speech should no longer occasionally be heard twice at the start of the game
A flashing exclamation mark will be shown on DLC option for when new items are added

Tweaks to a couple of art assets in the game.
That's just the start as we're already working on the next patch. For now, hop online, enjoy the new maps and let's all endure and survive. See you online!

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