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Twitter updates TweetDeck for Mac


Twitter has updated TweetDeck, its OS X app for power users. The app makes it easy for users to manage multiple Twitter accounts, sift through and search tweets, and track real-time conversations. It's frequently used by social media administrators whose sole job it is to monitor and tweet under a company's Twitter profile.

The new features in TweetDeck 3.3.3 offer some significant improvements that power users of the app have been asking for for some time. They revolve around the apps ability to Tweet, send DMs and preview images. From the release notes:

  • Write Tweets in docked panel on the left with an option to keep it open all the time
  • Reply to Tweets easily and quickly using inline reply
  • Preview images in the New Tweet panel before sharing them
  • Typeahead suggestions for usernames and hashtags

TweetDeck for Mac is a free download via the Mac App Store.

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