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Microsoft: Cloud turns any Xbox One in the world into your Xbox


Most of the information in this promotional Xbox One video is common knowledge, but a few interesting tidbits can still be gleaned. Albert Penello, lead planner for Xbox, reveals that using your profile on another Xbox One not only gives you access to your purchases, but also your own customized home screen and your game saves. "Basically, any Xbox One, anywhere in the world, is your Xbox," Penello says.

In terms of SmartGlass, Penello says the big appeal for Microsoft is discovery – being able to find content on the go, highlight it on a SmartGlass device, then come home and find it right there on Xbox One. "You can browse the entire catalog of games and entertainment on Xbox One on SmartGlass," Penello adds, and "you can navigate the dash; you can navigate your Blu-ray movies."

Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 are also specifically called out for their SmartGlass functionality. Ryse lets players customize their characters, set up multiplayer matches and comb through a bunch of other content while away from the console, while Dead Rising 3's integration is more literal – your real-life phone is treated as a phone, and Dead Rising 3 will dispatch mission calls with their own storylines and characters through SmartGlass.

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