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PS4 games can now be pre-ordered from your PS3

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Sony has begun rolling out next-gen software pre-orders on the PSN and SEN stores, beginning with PS4 launch titles Knack and Warframe. This allows the current-gen PS3 to help pave the way for the upcoming PS4, kind of like an older sibling putting up wallpaper in a nursery to prepare for their new baby brother. D'aww.

Users who log onto the PS3's version of the PlayStation Store can find the games by scrolling down to the "PS4 Preview" menu. Knack is listed at $59.99, while Warframe is free. Pre-odering a free-to-play game might seem strange, but doing so will net you in-game money and an exclusive weapon skin. These downloads will be ready to install on launch day for the PS4.

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