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Samsung unveils plans for new campus shaped like a figure 8, insists it liked open interior gardens before Apple


Just days after Apple's plans for a massive new campus scored the approval of the Cupertino City Council, Samsung showed off its own design for a brand-new campus that will house its consumer electronics business. The design elements include curved corridors, glassy walls, large outdoor seating areas and the signature open garden in its interior. The structure has been named "Campus 8."

In a press release, Samsung was quick to point out that it had plans for such a structure "for years," and the reveal "is in no way a response to any recent announcements made by any other high-profile tech company named after a fruit." According to a reliable source, Samsung is waiting to see what type of trees Apple plants in its garden before making an official flora announcement of its own.

Psst... this is a joke, ok?

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