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Sony: Try the PS4 at newly installed demo kiosks


Sony's got good news for those of you hoping to test out the PlayStation 4 prior to its launch: By visiting select retailers, players can try the PS4 right this very minute.

According to Sony, these demo kiosks will be gradually rolled out over the coming weeks, leading up to the PS4 launch. Sony Stores, GameStop, Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy are most likely to receive kiosks first, though Sony claims that other retailers will also be participating.

This means nothing to you if there's not a participating store in your area, but helpfully Sony has also issued a list of which stores now feature PS4 kiosks. If you visit Experience PlayStation and enter your zip code, you'll be presented with a map of all stores carrying PS4 demo stations within your area. The system seems to be a bit glitchy at the moment - according to Experience PlayStation, the PS4 kiosk nearest my apartment is supposedly inside "The Wood Doctor," a hardware store specializing in kitchen remodeling - but Sony has assured us that this is a temporary problem.

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