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T-Mobile launches trio of budget Android smartphones and an LTE hotspot


T-Mobile USA doesn't do anything by half measures, apparently -- it just launched four devices that address many of its budget- and data-conscious subscribers in one fell swoop. We'll break it down for you. To start, the company is now shipping its promised Alcatel One Touch Evolve, a 4-inch Android smartphone that costs a mere $100 at full price. The handset's 4.5-inch cousin, the Fierce, will arrive on October 23rd for $164. Samsung will offer a rough parallel to these devices through its upcoming Galaxy Light. While there are no launch details for the Light so far, it will be one of T-Mobile's cheaper LTE phones thanks to its 4-inch WVGA screen and 5-megapixel camera. Wireless internet mavens will also want to look at Samsung's LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro, which is available now for $170. We can't guarantee that everyone will like the carrier's expanded lineup, but curious customers will find more details at the source links.

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