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Smart slot racer Anki Drive will launch October 23


Anki Drive, the artificial intelligence, remote-controlled cars that were chosen to be the opening demo of this year's WWDC, will finally go on sale next Wednesday, October 23. Anki Drive aims to bring video games into the real world, per the company's app description:

Anki Drive is a new kind of entertainment: a video game brought to life in the real world. Each car will be equipped with sensors and intelligent software that can make thousands of decisions every second, controls that allow them to drive at high speeds and turn on a dime and a competitive streak that makes for a very challenging opponent. Anki Drive is engineered to think and designed to win.

The cars work by running on a special black track that is included with with the US$199 Anki Drive kit, which also includes two cars and chargers. Each car uses Bluetooth to talk to the iPhone app, which allows the player to control one of them. The other car is controlled by AI.

Anki Drive will go on sale in Apple retail stores and on Apple's online store next Wednesday. The Anki Drive app is available as a free download today.

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