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Apple raises iPhone prices in France


Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 5s and 5c in France. The price changes were first noticed by French Apple site iGen. Though the changes aren't too drastic, they will set iPhone buyers in the country back an additional €10 to €18 depending on the device.

Previously the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models of the iPhone 5s were €699, €799 and €899, respectively. The new pricing for the same models are €709, €811 and €917, respectively. Similarly, the pricing on the new iPhone 5c is €609 for the 16 GB model and €711 for the 32 GB model.

The increase is almost certainly due to currency fluctuations. Indeed, last night developers received an email from Apple noting that it will raise the prices of apps in the Japanese App Store due to fluctuations in the price of the yen.

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