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Clicking Bad is the darker side of Cookie Clicker [Update]


The latest strangely enticing phenomenon, Cookie Clicker, rewards players with cookies for every click of the mouse. Among the list of things more addicting than cookies is methamphetamines, the drug central to the plot of the popular, recently ended TV show Breaking Bad. Capitalizing on both properties is Clicking Bad, a free browser game in the same style as Cookie Clicker that has players cooking up drugs and selling them to upgrade their equipment.

Clicking Bad launched its public beta roughly a week ago and just recently hit version 0.6, which added more manufacturing and selling tiers as well as changing the cost structure. The game tasks players with managing their drug creation business by either manually clicking "buy" and "sell" buttons or using in-game money to purchase upgrades like sleazy lawyers and abandoned trailers, each providing a boost to sales or production. The upgrades may also impact the odds of authorities catching on and seizing your meth-cooking labs as well as the purity levels of your drugs. The game's Twitter account notes that an achievement system "may or may not make it in this week," indicating that more updates are on the way.

We're waiting for the right moment to introduce Clicking Bad to our own Richard Mitchell, who recently opted to stream his Cookie Clicker obsession for all to pity. We're worried about him enough as it is.

Update: The game has just been updated to version 0.7, and sure enough, it now includes achievements.

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