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Grand Voyage introduces 16th century maritime trade to your MMO dock

Shawn Schuster

If you enjoy sea battles and merchant trading in your MMO, but aren't necessarily a fan of playing as a pirate, then you must be a ninja. Or maybe you might just enjoy the new Grand Voyage from NGames.

Set in the historically accurate 16th Century Mediterranean coast region, Grand Voyage is described as a late-Renaissance maritime trading MMO that lets you grow from small-time captain to legendary voyager in control of your own fleet. Since all trade prices change dynamically based on player actions, the economy allows for a stock-style way to buy low and sell high.

But rest assured, there is combat in Grand Voyage, and captains must keep their ships in top working condition while battling opponents across servers.

Grand Voyage is on the online games portal, and you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

[Source: NGames press release]

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