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Heva Clonia Online begins open beta today, hosts Halloween events

MJ Guthrie

Last week we gave you the heads-up that Heva Clonia Online was moving into open beta testing today. And as part of the transition, OGPlanet assures players that there will be no more wipes between now and launch. So now players can jump in and enjoy guild PvP battles, two-man dungeon challenges, cloning monsters as pets, and a number of mini-games without losing any of the goodies or progress accumulated while playing.

In celebration of the start of open beta, Heva Clonia Online will be hosting a number of Halloween events offering players different ways to get a hold of some prizes. These prizes can be won simply by attending (with the Halloween Attendance Event), by hunting (the Kill Monster and Earn Items event), and even by playing Halloween bingo! To play, sign up on the official site.

[Source: OGPlanet press release]

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