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Next-gen NBA 2K14 trailer has been waiting for this moment for all its life


This PS4 trailer for NBA 2K14 demonstrates the depth of detail in the next-gen version of the game. Though the footage is from a variety of favorable camera angles, it shows impressive detail, from individual hairs in James Harden's beard to beads of sweat on cover athlete LeBron James' face.

The video is also set to Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight," instantly making it one of the best sports video game trailers in existence (even though Dead Space 3 did it first).

How well the footage compares to the actual next-gen version of NBA 2K14 remains to be seen, as it will launch with the Xbox One and PS4 when the systems arrive in November. Our review of the current-generation version says it is "the finest simulation of basketball out there" and that "this year's entry in the series is bolstered by smart and simple additions."

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