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Retro City Rampage jumps to 3DS, mayhem intact


Having appeared on nearly every other platform in existence, Retro City Rampage is now headed to the Nintendo 3DS.

As the above teaser demonstrates, the game looks identical to its predecessors albeit with a slightly zoomed-in viewpoint for the player. Otherwise, Retro City Rampage seems to be as its always been: A strangely amusing 8-bit take on the open-world subgenre spawned by Grand Theft Auto perpetually colliding with the fragments of pop culture embedded permanently in the brains of those old enough to recall Jem And The Holograms. Or, as David described it in our review, Retro City Rampage is "the perfect game for gamers, an experience carefully executed to appeal directly to them."

There is currently no word on when Retro City Rampage might make its 3DS debut.

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