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Roundabout, the spinning 70s limo game from ex-Harmonix designer


No Goblin, the indie studio founded by former Harmonix and Twisted Pixel designer Dan Teasdale, is developing Roundabout, a game where players must maneuver a chauffeur's limo across busy city streets to deliver precious cargo to its intended destination. Thankfully, there's a catch: The limo is constantly spinning.

Set in 1977, Roundabout stars Georgio Manos as the world's first "revolving chauffeur." Manos spins his limo through twisted streets littered with obstacles and pedestrians to complete important tasks, such as "deliver kittens to orphans." Somehow there's a romance narrative within the game, too, "told in revolutionary 'full motion video,'" No Goblin says.

Roundabout is due out in 2014 for PC and consoles. It's available now for a pre-order price of $10 (normally $15), and that includes a digital art book and the soundtrack. Roundabout has also put its foot in the revolving indie door of Steam Greenlight.

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