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Anna Anthropy invites you to 'A Very Very Very Scary House'

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Anna Anthropy, developer of the powerful autobiographical flash title Dys4ia, has revealed a new project: a digital choose-your-own-adventure entitled A Very Very Very Scary House. Built in part with the interactive story tool Twine, the game is available now for $2.

"Investigate the scariest house you've ever seen!" the description for the title proclaims, noting the game has 58 unique endings. "This is probably the largest Twine story i've ever written, at over 11,000 words in 197 passages," Anthropy wrote on her blog. A Very Very Very Scary House, featuring original art from Shelley Yu, represents something of an experiment for the creator, monetizing one of her creations for the first time.

"Putting games behind paywalls is something I've been extremely wary about – the people I want my games to reach are the ones most marginalized within games culture as it stands, the ones with the least money and the least access," Anthropy told Gamasutra.

"Why would I buy a Twine game for two dollars when I can get all of these polished indie games [emphasis hers] for the same amount? This is an attempt at pushback, at establishing a precedent for folks to be able to sell little Twine zines and make some money off their work," she added in her blog post announcing the game's availability.

For more on Anna Anthropy and her unique and personal games, be sure to read Joystiq's original feature Games on the Fringe.

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